The Pro Kids Academy is an afternoon program for children ages 7 and older designed to provide opportunities for academic assistance, tutoring, workshops, structured curricula, and extracurricular activities. Enrollment in this program requires active participation and an attendance commitment. 

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis each month. Participants must register for their specific huddle (elementary, middle or high school). Each huddle will experience a variety of workshops chosen specifically for their grade level.

Pro Kids Academy huddles will have a limited capacity; this means huddles will fill up quickly. Please only register your child if you are certain they will attend. If your child cannot attend after registering, please let Pro Kids know immediately so that the spot becomes available for another member. Registration for your chosen Academy schedule is valid through the month.

In order for your child to participate, your child’s membership information must be updated. This includes signing the new COVID-19 and Contact Tracing Release Forms. Only members with updated information and signed COVID-19 and Contact Tracing Release Forms are eligible to sign up for Pro Kids Academy.




Upon registering, you will be able to choose which day(s) your child will attend – the maximum is two days per week. The huddles are broken up by grade level grouping (elementary, middle and high school). You will select the appropriate huddle for your child for each day you plan on attending. This will ensure your child has a spot for that specific day each week in that particular month.

For example, if you are registering a 4th grader for Tuesdays in October, select the “Tuesday Elementary Huddle” option. This allows your child to attend each Tuesday in October. Each month will require a new registration to allow more families to attend with our limited capacity. You may choose a different schedule each month.


We have simplified our financial aid request process. Any member in need of financial aid will first speak directly to their campus’ Program Director. Members will fill out a form indicating the family’s size, income, and military service verification (if any). Families will be awarded a reduced membership fee calculated based upon the submitted information.

Pro Kids will honor requests for aid from those already receiving assistance from any county or state agencies. This express verification requires submitted proof of Cash Aid, CalFresh, Kin-GAP, Medi-Cal Benefits, Alternative Childcare Payment (CRS/CDA) Certificate from WIC and/or HUD/Section 8.


Golf activities will be worked into each huddle schedule. Huddles will participate in outdoor golf activities as a group along with other outdoor games and activities. These activities may count for PE credits for distance learning students; teacher verification may be required.

These activities are NOT the same as attending a Pro Kids Golf Class. Members who would like to attend a full golf class must register for the specific class online. If a member is attending Pro Kids Academy and Golf Class on the same day, they will be escorted from their huddle to their golf class at the appropriate time. Members are welcome to attend golf class and huddles at different times. Day-of registration will not be accepted.


Pro Kids’ top priority is to keep you and our team healthy and safe. We abide by all county regulated guidelines and will adjust as necessary based on new findings. Everyone entering our campuses will be required to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Pro Kids is using a contact tracing system to account for health and safety. Members will receive an electronic beacon that will track movement while onsite. This beacon does not store personal information. If needed, this gives Pro Kids the ability to notify anyone who may have been in contact with an individual infected with COVID-19. Beacons are assigned at check-in and must be worn at all times on all campuses.

For more information about Pro Kids Academy, contact your local Program Director (City Heights | Oceanside)
or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.