The academy


Pro Kids formally began offering academic support to kids with the construction of our first 8,000 sq. ft. Learning Center in 2001. Professional staff grew to include credentialed educators and programs evolved to include individualized academic support, vocational field trips, and more.  Building on our previous academic offerings, we launched Pro Kids Academy at both campuses in fall 2015 to serve kids in grades 2-7. An attendance-based program, the Academy assigns kids to teams named for their graduation year (e.g., Class of 2022) with designated Team Leaders. Enrollment requires parents’ active participation. A typical Academy month includes literacy and math enrichment activities, golf lessons, experiential learning (STEM), field trips, and community service projects.

The Academy’s more structured academic program helps kids to:

  • Achieve grade-level proficiency in reading and math
  • Grow interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) studies
  • Develop skills like resilience and self-sufficiency 

For more information about Pro Kids Academy, contact:

Twannia Baker, Oceanside Program Manager,, (760) 547-8566
Christine Duggan, City Heights Program Manager., (619) 582-7884