Become a Pro Kids Member

The best way for kids to get involved at Pro Kids is to become a member. Pro Kids membership allows kids (ages 7-17) the opportunity to participate in golf and life-skills instruction at City Heights or Oceanside.

Pro Kids provides fee waivers for the following:

  • Attends a Provision 2 School (requires proof of enrollment)
  • Parent/Guardian is an active member of the United States military (additional form must be completed)
  • Individual/family qualifies for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program (requires documentation) Note: Households who receive Food Stamps, CalWORKs, Kin-GAP, FDPIR, or LifeLine benefits also qualify
If your family does not meet the terms above, but you feel that there is a need for a fee waiver, parents and guardians may submit a letter. This letter will be received by senior management and the parent or guardian will be contacted within one week with a decision or questions regarding the request.

Membership is available to all others for a fee of $100 per member for the calendar year. A family plan of $75 per member, per calendar year, is available when 2 or more siblings register and pay at the same time. If a child registers after June 30, the fee will be $50 per member for the remainder of the calendar year and the family plan will be $37.50.

Already a member? Click here for the renewal form. Forma de registro - espanol.

To become introductory members, kids need to follow these three easy steps:
  1. Attend an orientation with a parent/guardian at either of our Pro Kids locations. Click here to see a schedule of orientations
  2. Fill out a registration form and pay registration fee (if applicable). Forma de registro - espanol.
  3. Within seven business days of submitting registration materials, kids can begin coming to Pro Kids

With an active membership card, kids may use our facilities in the following manner for free:

  • Skill appropriate, group golf classes
  • Putting course, driving cage, and use of golf equipment while playing at Pro Kids
  • Tutoring, games, or workshops in the Learning Center

As kids proceed through the golf and life skills certification process at Pro Kids, they will gain additional opportunities and privileges (access to field trips, the computer lab, the golf simulator, etc.)

To learn more about our programs, click here to review the Family Handbook.