Kids Quotes

Golf is a sport where I can for get all my worries and just concentrate on what I need to so to get a good score. Also golf gives me an opportunity to meet new people.  
-Juan M., age 16

Golf is a good thing it keeps me from doing bad things.
-Derrick N., age 13

Golf is cool.
-Cameron W., age 8

Golf is fun.
-Clinton C., age 10

Golf is as much a mental game as a physical game.
-Brett R., age10

Golf is learning to try, try, again and have fun.
-Colton P., age 9

Golf is a sport that anybody can play and enjoy. Because you donít have a coach who decides who plays. Like baseball and basketball.
-Peter H., age 11

Golf is a fun sport it helps you to keep your manners and you have to concentrate.
-Timmy P., age 12

Golf is hard work, bad shots, lots of fun, pointy shoes, losing your balls, and trying to have a positive attitude when you really want to kill someone for missing a 1- foot putt.
-LaToya L., age 15

Golf is a fun sport where you can make a lot of friends. It is a sport that teaches you to be patient.
-Nathan P., age 13

Golf is a very meaningful sport. It teaches you lessons effective for life, such as patience and honesty.
-Misa T., age 16

Golf is game that teaches physics, and itís a game that got to do with math in a way.
-Nguyen L., age 13

Golf is a fun sport, and you meet new people when youíre playing.
-Ryan P., age 10

Golf is a game of skill. You meet many new people. Itís a good challenge.  
-Keenan K., age 14

Golf is beautiful.
-Jon H., age 5

Golf is great. It helps on eye-hand coordination.
-Brett C., age 9

Golf is fun; Golf is the hardest sport in the world. Golf is the best sport.
-James F., age 14

Golf is I love it and its good for you. I can hit the ball far. I like playing golf. Iím going to be the next Tiger Woods.
-Jon H., age 5

Golf is the greatest sport for the mind.
-Kien T., age 17

Golf is a sport that is centered around focusing and concentration on what you are doing. It teaches about patience and determination.
-Konnie W., age 16

Golf is a sport for entertaining yourself when not busy. Itís relaxing and peaceful. It gets a person to relax and forget about other problems they have in mind.
-Vanchandara K., age 15

Golf is something to keep me out of trouble at first when I started playing golf I did not think to play this long but I hope I can be a professional.
-Troy W., age 12

Golf is a fun sport to play and might make you famous.
-Arty C., age 8

Golf is a mind game. Itís a quiet, non-stress out game play. And you really have to be patient.
-Channy R., age 15

Golf is life. It is what you wake up in the morning to do and what you think about before you sleep.
-Trevor H., age 16

Golf is a game that is very similar to life if you think negative something negative will happen. Always be Positive.
-Joe F., age 13

Golf is a place where I can come and have fun playing with my friends. I can come to Pro Kids and learn more than golf like life and friendship. I can meet nice, new people and have opportunities of a lifetime.
     Julie B., age 13

Golf is a fun game. I can learn and have fun at the same time. I like golf better than any other game Iíve played.
   Jasmin B., age 9

Golf is not just a sport, but rather a hopeful career to me. It helps me get away from most of my troubles. Hopefully, golf will be my key to education and maybe if. Iím lucky; Iíll earn a scholarship.
    Brian C., age 12