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Special Friends

Words to Live By
Our heartfelt thanks to the following donors who sponsored the “Words to Live By” tee markers at Colina Park Golf Course in City Heights. These words are a constant reminder of the character traits we want our children to practice.

 1  Honesty  Mr. Bob Bradley
 2  Forgiveness  Mr. and Mrs. Gary Levine
 3  Integrity  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fontana
 4  Patience  Mr. and Mrs. Michel Zelnick
 5  Humility  Mr. and Mrs. Karen Glavin
 6  Bravery  In Memory of Michael M. Boich
 7  Loyalty  The Hildre Family Trust
 8  Respect  The Palisouls
 9  Commitment  Mr. and Mrs. George Young
 10  Sportsmanship  Mr. and Mrs. Kim Eggleston
 11  Responsibility  Judge and Mrs. Larry Irving
 12  Reverence  Mr. and Mrs. Moe Negrin
 13  Kindness  Ms. Robin Stark
 14  Courtesy  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ramos
 15  Accountability  Mr. and Mrs. George Tomlanovich
 16  Fortitude  Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pedigo
 17  Discipline  Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Michan
 18  Confidence  Mr. and Mrs. Allan Severson

Benchmark of Opportunity
We’d like to express our deepest appreciation to the donors who have sponsored one of the 17 benches at Colina Park Golf Course in City Heights. 

Mark and Carolyn Fischer
Dan Floit
Michael and Deena Flynn
Helene and Larry Fournier
Pam and Yehudi Gaffen 
Karen and Jim Glavin
Hal and Debby Jacobs
Marcel Kasmer
Nick and Florenza Krnich
Chad and Susan Morse
Marty and David Pendarvis 
Sondra and William Ray
The Singer Family
The Spitcaufsky Family
Debbie and Ernie Wakabayashi
Howard Wright
Victoria Wright

Previous Celebrate Honorees
We would like to recognize this illustrious group of honorees for their dedication and contributions to the Pro Kids organization and its members.

 201420th Anniversary Celebration - Pro Kids History
 2012 Karen and Bill Fontana
 2011  Jay Rains
 2010  Rolf Benirschke
 2008  Richard Helmstetter
 2007  Al and Shari Severson
 2006  Tony Thornley
 2005  John G. Davies
 2004  Robert Horsman and San Diego National Bank
 2003  Phil Ward and the Century Club of San Diego
 2002  Supervisor Ron Roberts
 2001  San Diego Chapter, Building Industry Association
 2000  John Moores and Becky Moores
 1999  Ernest H. Wright, Sr.