Past Newsletters

Pro Kids alternates between monthly e-blasts (a short synopsis of the month) and quarterly e-newsletters (a more comprehensive overview on the quarter's activities). Click on the links below to read past e-newsletters.

August 2013 E-blast
July 2013 E-blast
June 2013 E-blast
May 2013 E-newsletter
April 2013 E-blast
March 2013 E-blast
February 2013 E-Newsletter
December 2012 Holiday blast
December 2012 E-blast
November 2012 E-Blast
August 2012 E-Newsletter
July 2012 E-Blast
June 2012 E-Blast
April 2012 E-Newsletter
February 2012 E-Blast
January 2012 E-Blast
Holiday 2011 E-Blast
November/December 2011 E-newsletter

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