Connecting Youth, Sports, and Education

Pro Kids serves as a welcoming home to kids across San Diego County with primary program locations in City Heights and Oceanside – both San Diego communities marked by poverty, gang violence, and poor high school graduation rates. We believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential – to become Pro Kids – and provide access to transformational opportunities through sport, study, and service. Nearly 75 percent of our enrolled youth qualify for and receive income- or military status-based scholarships covering full program membership fees, strengthening our promise to provide impactful educational and enrichment services to San Diego’s most vulnerable and challenged youth.

When 12-year-old Stephen walked into Pro Kids, he was simply looking for a place to hang out after school. He found much more. Stephen discovered a passion for golf and, over time, developed great skill; he also made a group of friends (both staff and peers) who became his second family. Eventually, he earned a Pro Kids scholarship and received the Ernest H. Wright, Sr. Hall of Fame Award for his achievements.

After emigrating from Korea, Hannah’s parents ran a convenience store on the border, working countless hours. They wanted more for their daughter and enrolled her at Pro Kids when she was 10. Today, Hannah is a sophomore at Northwestern on a full golf scholarship, setting school records. Hannah plans to join fellow Pro Kids alum Tiffany Joh on the LPGA Tour.


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